James Gunn Should Not Immediately Cast Superman

Superman is on everyone’s lips in the DC universe. Ever since James Gunn fired Henry Cavill from the role and the Fans lost their minds, we’ve all been wondering who the next Superman will be. There are good rumors circulating. Many Fans made excellent art, putting the heads of various actors on the body of Superman. But Gunn assures us that his Plan for the DCU involves a little waiting until Superman is chosen again. And this is probably for the best.

Gunn recently tweeted that despite his plans to announce some things in the near future, “the Superman Cast will not be part of it.”The filmmaker turned Studio director is creating a new DCU, and it seems that he is doing it with the skills that have made him a good director. In his Tweet, he said that any casting for one of his films would take place after a script was at least close to being completed. And it’s safe to say that DC Studios is not far from Man of Steel 2, if you could even call it that.

While DC fans are eagerly awaiting James Gunn’s announcement of his fabulous plans for the universe, we think he shouldn’t rush to launch Superman or even plan another Superman Movie.

Change is difficult for Fans

There was a lot of controversy when James Gunn and Peter Safran dropped Henry Cavill as Superman. Understandable, because the Fans who had just seen The Black Adam from The Rock saw Cavill with the red cape at the end of the film. There wasn’t really a question; Cavill came back and Gunn would redesign the DCU around the star.

But maybe Dwayne Johnson spoke too quickly about his plans for a Superman/Black Adam showdown. Now the future of DC is uncertain and we are all a little confused about what the story of the upcoming films could tell. Gunn assures the audience that his ten-year plan with Peter Safran is in the works and that they will make announcements soon. But he also said that Superman’s future will remain in the dark for the time being.

Fans have gone from a sure-fire Man of Steel 2 movie starring Cavill to an untitled Superman project that has been in the works for some time over the next decade. But this is the right decision, even if it makes people unhappy. It would never be easy to change The DC universe. If Gunn and the other executives let DC continue as they have in the past, I’m sure Fans could still look forward to the upcoming movies, but as soon as they premiered, we would all have complained that DC was not as good as Marvel, just like we have over the past decade. Now that Gunn is able to change things about DC, he needs to make his decisions carefully, and putting Superman in the background is a good idea.

Superman is the heart of DC

Gunn will write a story that will last ten years. If this is something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it will start with a single story and expand to something much larger. When Disney joined Robert Downey Jr. came to ask him to play Tony Stark, they must have known that they would build an entire Franchise on him. that he should not only be Tony Stark for the Iron Man movies, but also for all the other films in the Marvel universe. Gunn will have to pick someone like this to hedge his bets. Superman is the most important superhero in all of DC, and he will have to get the entire Franchise out of a decades-long rut.

Once he has outlined his Plan, Gunn will have to write a spectacular Film. And the content of this film will tell us more about who Superman will be than anything Gunn could predict. The mood and tone of the film that he uses to build the DCU will help shape the idea that will eventually become the red and blue suit that someone has to wear.

Even if it’s difficult, the Fans should be patient. Good movies take time and Gunn tries to create a whole universe of movies. DC is about to take a bitter pill that will hopefully make it a better movie studio. Fans should recognize the difficulties that this could entail in the short term to take advantage of it after. Superman is a central character who deserves to be done right. The decisions that Gunn has to make are difficult and take a long time to come to fruition, but he is making the right decisions as the responsible manager of DC. We won’t see Superman for a long time, but if we do, it will be even better.

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