James Gunn Denies That Casting Has Begun for Superman

While the early production of another reboot of James Gunn’s Superman has begun, the filmmaker has not yet come to the casting process. Just recently, Gunn and his colleague Peter Safran from DC Studios presented a series of titles that they have in production for their projects with the DCU. One of the most notable projects is Superman: Legacy, in which a younger actor takes on the role. It was also announced that the film will be released in 2025.

A new Superman movie has fans doing fantastic castings online. There are also various rumors circulating about various actors competing for the role. One such rumor, published by an account called @dculeaks, claimed that DC Studios had released a casting call for Superman: Legacy, and it was found that Luke Eisner (big girl) was the “main candidate” for the role.

But Gunn himself threw a flag by responding directly to this claim to debunk the rumor, insisting that no one is ready for the role, since the casting has not even started yet.

There is one person we know who will definitely not get the role
While the casting is still pending, there is an actor we can definitely rule out for the role of Superman in James Gunn’s DCU.

It has already been announced that Henry Cavill will not return in any other film as Superman, although he has a special appearance in this role for Black Adam. That’s because Gunn’s vision for DCU’s Superman is that of a young man of steel. In response to fans’ controversy over sharing more Superman movies with Cavill, Gunn recently said he never fired the actor because he didn’t originally hire him.

“We didn’t fire Henry. Henry was never cast,” Gunn said of THR. “For me, it’s about who I want to portray Superman and who are the filmmakers we want to portray. And for me, for this story, it’s not Henry.”

In any matter, it will be a while before the film is released, so it may still be a while before we receive official announcements about the casting of the new Clark Kent in James Gunn’s film. Superman: Legacy is coming to theaters in 2025.

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