Fans of Henry Cavill Disappointed Superman Is Not in Flash Trailer

Fans have been talking about The Flash non-stop since the new trailer was released during the Super Bowl, and although the excitement has swelled, many big Henry Cavil Fans can’t help but be disappointed. In the Film, Ezra Miller returns in the role of Barry Allen, technically several versions of this character. There’s also more than one Batman slipping through the Film, with Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both returning as their respective dark knights. The film also brings back Michael Shannon as General Zod and introduces Sasha Calle as Super girl, all featured in the new trailer.

Unfortunately for the Man of Steel, however, Barry seems to have created a reality in which Superman died. The character’s passed away seems implicit in the trailer with a photo of Superman’s crumpled costume on the floor. Given her presence in the trailer, it seems that Super girl will fill this void, as she may face Zod at some point in the trailer. As exciting as everything else can be, Cavil Fans express how much more magical they would have found the Flash if it were The Man of Steel.

“Henry Cavil should have been cast in Flash IMO,” one Fan complains on Twitter. “As if it were an event. To go back to the Man of Steel era with him as they present Super girl. It would be the perfect movie for Bat fleck and Superman to say goodbye to their DCEU era and inaugurate the DCU.”

“The Flash trailer looks pretty good, but imagine if we had Henry Cavil as the Flashpoint Superman, it would have been a picture,” as another Fan says.

Another Fan addresses James Gunn directly, referring to the rumors about the cut cameo, tweeting: “James, please don’t CUT Henry Cavill as Superman, if he were to be in The Flash in any capacity. Let him Go with courage and respect for what he did in the DCEU!”

Sasha Calle plays the role of Super girl

For what it’s worth, all hope is not lost that Henry Cavill will appear as Superman in the Film. There will probably be a lot of big surprises that will not be spoiled by the trailer, and it is possible that a man of steel could be a cameo among them. There are rumors that Cavill has actually made an appearance for the Film, along with Justice League Co-Stars Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot. However, it has also been said that these cameos could have been cut from the final cut before being released in theaters.

Now, with Cavill officially on the road as Superman, The powers that be at DC Studios may decide to remove the character’s appearance in order to no longer annoy the character entering the DCU, because this will not happen.

We will all find out who will appear in Flash when the Film hits theaters on June 16, 2023. You can see other fan reactions to Henry Cavil’s absence from the Film below.

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