David Corenswet as Man of Steel Is Portrayed in Superman Fan

New fan art is pleading for David Corenswet to play Clark Kent in the upcoming Superman reboot from author James Gunn. While Henry Cavill took over the role for a special appearance in Black Adam, intended to tease several other films starring this version of The Man of Steel, these plans were leaved when Gunn was hired to pilot the DC Studios ship alongside Peter Safran. Gunn has since confirmed his new plans to reboot the character for the DCU, and he is looking for a younger actor in the role.

Of course, this led Fans to do fantasy Castings online and choose their favorite choices for actors who would be good to play a younger incarnation of Superman. Terrible digital artist. Heroics on Instagram was stuck when he saw David Corenswet in the role and designed a new piece of art that imagined what it might look like.

“If we can’t have Henry Cavill, then my mind is fixed, David Coreset is Superman,” the artist notes in the caption. “The man has the acting skills, The appearance and can build his physique to be a little more awesome!

Although there are many actors who could play the role, such as Wolfgang NoVo Gratz, I personally think that David is the best candidate to take over in the future.”

You can see the artwork below.

Corenswet, the grandson of Choose Your Own Adventure creator Edward Packard, recently appeared in the Netflix movie Look Both Ways, as well as in the A24 horror prequel Pearl. he also appeared on HBO’s We Own This City, after playing notable roles on the Ryan Murphy-created shows the Politician and Hollywood.

Superman reboots for the DCU

At this point, Fans can only speculate about who will play the next Superman. We will probably also see more and more fan art imagining other actors in the role until an official announcement is made. Anyway, we know for sure that it will not be Henry Cavill who declared that his time with Cape Town was officially over after a last appearance in Black Adam.

“I’m not coming back as Superman after all,” Cavill announced on Instagram last month. “For those who have been by my side over the years….. we can cry a little, but we must remember it…. Superman is still here. Everything he represents still exists, and the examples he gives us are still there! It’s my turn to wear the Cape, but what Superman represents will never do. It was a fun ride with all of you, onward and upward.”

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